In order for your crystals to take good care of you, you must take good care of them. Proper care is very important for them do their thing for you. Your regimen should include cleaning, charging, activating and programming.

STEP 1 – Cleanse
Crystals and gems absorb and transform the energy and vibrations around them. It is important to cleanse your goods on the regular to ensure they don’t lose their effectiveness and absorb negative energy. Always cleanse your stones after first receiving them, after using them for a healing ritual, meditation, a bad day or when they start looking dull.


  • By smudging them with palo santo, herbs or sage

  • By burying them in the soil (place a stick so you don’t lose them)

  • By cleansing them under cold running water or a natural water source

  • By adding Himalaya salt to the water or place them on a bed salt for 24/48 hours (throw away after)

  • Place them on a bowl of brown rice (throw away after)
  • Use singing bowls – good to clean multiple crystals at once

  • Cleansing with Florida Water

  • Set a strong intention or visualise

  • Ask your angels for assistance

Sidenote: not all gems (like selenite, celestine, zeoliet) like a plunge. Check this beforehand.

STEP 2 – Charge
Crystals love to be in the light, like we do. You can charge them by:

  • Letting them bath in the morning sun

  • Letting them bath in the moonlight – great at full moon

  • Burying them in the soil

  • Lighting candles
  • Cluster them together with other crystals like quartz, amethyst and selenite or whichever one feels right to you

  • Charging them under a copper Pyramid or use an Ankh

  • Charge them with your Orgonite

  • Visualisation or intention
  • Vibrations/mantra/singing

  • Ask your angels

Side note: The Golden Triangle is perfect for charging. Also lighter crystals don’t enjoy the bright sun because then they might fade

STEP 3 – Activate
Align it by spending time with it, nourish it like a new pup. Keep it on you and roll it in your hands. You can also use another crystal and your strong intention for this.

STEP 4 – Program
You can now choose which purpose this stone will have for you besides its normal meaning and use. In need of extra protection? Help with keeping you grounded? A clear mind? Or in need of some spiritual guidance? You name it. After visualising and affirmations your gem is ready to go.

Happy healing!