New here or need a refresher on those energy wheels? We got you.

Your body is made up of several Chakra’s also known as your energy wheels which distribute life energy through your spiritual and physical body. There are 7 major Chakra’s which drive smaller Chakra’s. Envision your body as big network of rivers and side rivers that need to flow for optimal well being.

When your Chakra’s are blocked it can lead to emotional and physical issues. Chakra’s can get blocked when you don’t properly proces your emotions or when negativity or electro smog enters your space. Every Chakra is linked to a specific colour of the rainbow. Surrounding yourself with these colours has a positive and stimulating effect on each Chakra. Think of going to the forrest when you feel heavy hearted or wearing orange when you need to get creative.


Root Chakra – Red
Located at the base of the spine, between your legs. the Root Chakra is responsible for feelings of being grounded and security. When the Root Chakra is balanced, we feel safe, energised, and stable.

Sacral Chakra – Orange
This Chakra is located along the spine between your belly button and the root Chakra. The Sacral Chakra is responsible for our feelings of pleasure, desire, and passion. It promotes creativity, joy, and learning to let go.

Solar Plexus – Yellow
The Solar Plexus can be found between your Sacral and Heart Chakras. Responsible for your confidence, courage, the root of your energy. This wheel is responsible for absorbing and creating energy. This can be a positive and healing energy but also anxious or stressful energy. Think of that belly feeing.

These 3 Chakra’s form your base Chakra’s which need to be aligned for opening up the Chakra’s above and feelings of stability.

Heart Chakra – Green
Located in the center of our chests, the heart Chakra is where the physical and spiritual meet. The Heart Chakra is important in social relationships, empathy, emotional healing, selfless being and support.

Throat Chakra – Blue
Located in (you guessed it!) the throat. Regulates our communication. It’s responsible for self-expression, honesty, faith, and artistic expression.

Third Eye – Indigo
This Chakra is located in the middle of your forehead, right between your eyes. Connected to your pineal gland also known as your third eye. The Chakra of knowing and going beyond the physical. This is where your spiritual journey starts and you can get into your clairvoyant abilities. Yes, we al can acces these powers!

Crown Chakra – Purple
Found at the crown of your head. The gateway to the spiritual and higher self. It helps you develop your hopes, dreams, spiritual core, and connection to the Universe. Noticed our logo’s colour?


There are several way’s to unblock your Chakra’s and using stones is one of them. Using chakra stones can be an enlightening way to try healing your body energetically and physically. These stones are thought to stimulate different Chakras, or energy wheels located on the spine. This will get that life force energy back up.

Create a cozy environment where you feel calm and comfortable. Recommended to cleanse e your space and gems by smudging before you start your practice to get rid of sticky energies. Play some relaxing music, binaural beats, light some candles or incense if you want. It’s best to find a space where you can lay on your back. Think of your sofa, bed, floor or grab a mat. Set your vibe and intention of healing.

Place each Chakra stone on your body starting from the root Chakra working up. You can also ask a friend who you feel comfortable with to place them on your body one at a time. Place the stones in the right order on your body starting at the root. As each stone is placed visualise on your body, the colour of your Chakra and the stone’s energy flowing into your Chakra.

Lay down for 20 minutes or longer if you want. Focus on your breath – Inhale and exhale and let go of what no longer serves you. If specific thoughts pop up allow them to be there and allow them to be released. After you’ve focused from your Root Chakra all the way up to your Crown Chakra wiggle your toes and slowly get back up. Ground yourself by envisioning strong roots coming out of your feet and bath yourself in golden light. Feeling stable and happy? Thank yourself for this practice. Don’t forget to cleanse your stones after!

You can also use affirmations, these are great for adding power to your healing or practice. Remember words are also vibrations. Repeat 3x.

  • My Chakras are balanced and in harmony with one another
  • The colours of the rainbow balance my Chakras and my life.
  • My body, mind and spirit are in sync with my highest vibration
  • I live in a state of balance, harmony, and flow
  • The energy of my spirit is one with the universe
  • Cosmic energy radiates from my being
  • I am a balanced and whole
  • I love my chakras
  • I love being in harmony