Smudging is a way to energetically cleanse your space, crystals, object or person. The smoke wil fill and purify your space and positive vibrations into your energy field. Think of smudging when you bought a new house, have a gut feeling, bought some vintage pieces, had a bad day or just in need of some new energy and inspiration. Smudging is the way to go.


Carefully select the items you want to use during cleansing, think of sage or palo santo, your own herb mix and if you want a candle for lighting the smudge stick or just to have lit whilst your cleansing. It’s useful to have a fireproof container like a small clay bowl or Abalone shell to hold underneath to catch any ashes. Set up a bowl of sand to extinguish the smudge stick.


When performing a space clearing, intention is the key. Before you start, take some time to meditate, ease your mind and contemplate what you would like to invite into your home. Make sure you are grounded and protected, if you want grab your favourite crystals for this.

You can use a chant or mantra whilst performing the ritual. It adds power to the ritual, words are vibrations. For example you can use: “I now let go and release what no longer serves me.” Or make up your own as long as its clear.

Also feel free to ask mother earth, your gods, spirit guides, angels or Beyoncé to help you during the ritual. They are happy to help as long as you don’t forget to thank them!


Open up some windows! Else the energy can’t leave the space. Light the smudge stick and let it burn for a couple of seconds before blowing it out.

Start at the front door of your home/office/space and begin to move with set intention clockwise around the entire perimeter. Be sure to allow the smoke to reach every corner, cabinet and crevice. If you encounter stairs, just go up or down and continue to move clockwise through the spaces till you’re back at the stairs. And continue through the rest of the floor till your back at the front door.

Say your chant/mantra out loud whilst performing your ritual or visualise the smoke taking away the negative energy and clearing the space.


When back at your front door, preach your intentions one last time and close the ritual with visualising your space filled with golden light and love. Extinguish the smudge stick and thank your gods. Don’t use water! Now breathe in the fresh energy, because sage also has antibacterial properties for your air. A win-win.

After you can also light a piece of Palo Santo or incense to invite blessings and positive energy into your home. Make the same round through your home as you did with the sage.

There are many ways of how to do a cleansing ritual, this is a simple example for your spaces. Feel free to dive into some books, ask your fellow esoteric heads, spiritual sisters or google and create your own. The important part is grounding, your intention and shining your light.

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